"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Enstein


Me just a guy that loves technical stuffs, likes to do programming as much as I enjoy, even though, I am not that good and intelligent enough.

I like writing and taking notes of everything I learn. Most of them are blogged in my websites.

In my past years, I've done lots of works for Android development, and some of them were noted in my old well-known Android blogging site, Android Code Breaker Diary. Also, I'd like to thank all the guys that favored and read the blog, I still continue with Android work; but notes will not be written there any longer.

Two years ago, I decided to move all blogs into one, that is, Geek Note. This is where I will continue to blog.

Recently, I just get involved in the web part and feel really interested in a lots of interesting and powerful technologies. The web community is truely growthful nowadays in a fast pace, and I love to master them all someday. The latest piece of my work is running by Laravel framework, a lovely one.

You can check out some of my works below.

Apart from work, I like to read books, enjoy time with my wife and family, explore the design world and play music; I espeecially enjoy playing guitar.


Free Stock Collection

A collection of free stock photos, videos and more... for your works.

Free Stocks Collection


Instant Jsoup: How-to
Jsoup - The Instant

Publisher: Packt Publishing

ISBN: 1-78216-800-1

ISBN-13: 978-1-78216-800-3

Release Date: June 2013

Pages: 38

Last Update: Jun 2013

Description: As you might know, there are a lot of Java libraries that support parsing HTML content out there. Jsoup is yet another HTML parsing library, but it provides a lot of functionalities and boasts much more interesting features when compared to others. Give it a try, and you will see the difference!

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Android Common Mistakes
Pete Houston - Android Common Mistakes

Release Date: November 2011

Pages: 9

Description: A short illustration of Android common mistakes that many programmers/developers have taken nowadays.


A Little Big Data
Pete Houston - A Little Big Data

Release Date: November 2014

Pages: 20

Description: A definitive guide to Big Data for Startups and Entrepreneurs in Vietnam.



Some of my public works.

Translation Model

The update Language model to fix the default Waavi Language model compatibility issue in Laravel 4.2.

Packagist Github

Sketch Guides

A Sketch plugin for quickly creating guides while designing.



Several piece of designs I made.

Sketch: Profile Modal

A simple profile modal illustration.

Pete Houston - Sketch Profile Modal

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