hello, my name is


pete houston

a software engineer

what i do

i spend time on learning and working for food. hiding myself in a terminal most of the time.

i write articles and blogs on my personal blog and also on medium.

my publications

i author a book, jsoup: how-to (instant series) on packt publishing. this is my first book, so it might be not good as your expectation, appreciate your comments. i'll try my best to improve.

my courses

i develop and teach several programming courses, check out if you have any interest on learning.

about programming

i code in c, php, and javascript. the php framework of my choice is laravel, lumen and slim. nodejs is the platform of everything in js, and i use express, hapi for backends; for frontends, well, there are various libraries and frameworks to handle, and i strongly react.

i also develop mobile applications, i mostly use phonegap, cordova, ionic, and react native.

i use mac and linux for daily work, also docker for development environment.

open-source contribution

yeah, sure about that. i am on github all day long. i develop and contribute to many open-source projects, if you have time, join me.

drop me a line

if you have anything to tell me, don't hesitate to contact me.