Hi there, my name is Pete Houston, a software engineer.

What I do

I spend time on learning and working for food. hiding myself in a terminal most of the time.

I write articles and blog, and also on medium

About programming

I code in C, PHP, and Javascript. The PHP framework of my choice is Laravel, Lumen and Slim framework. NodeJS is the platform of everything for Javascript, and I use Express, hapi for back-end; for front-end, well, there are various libraries and frameworks to handle, and I strongly React.

I also develop mobile applications, and mostly use PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Ionic framework, and React Native.

I use macOS and Linux for daily work, also Docker for development environment.

Open-source contributions

I just do some little works on Github, so if you have time, just have a look at of what I’ve done and what I am doing recently.

Online programming courses

I develop and teach several programming courses, please check out if you have any interest on learning.

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